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Ruslan Tsarni Apologizes to Armenian Community

Mirror-Spectator Staff

WATERTOWN — On April 30, Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of alleged terror suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, contacted the Mirror-Spectator directly to issue an apology to the Armenian community for his recent statements referencing Armenians in his discussions of the Boston Marathon bombings.

“Armenia has a very strong culture, therefore, I want to stress that his [Misha’s] ethnicity has nothing to do with it,” Tsarni said. “I wish I had never said it.”

Tsarni added, “I felt for you [Armenians] and wish I had never done it.”

He once again apologized for connecting the Armenian community “to this evil event.”

Ruslan Tsarni Apologizes to Amenian Community

Ruslan Tsarni


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Nadine Ascencao, ex-girlfriend of dead Boston bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev (photos)

Photo of Nadine Ascencao, 24.  This is Tamerlan’s ex-girlfriend, whom Tamerlan assaulted resulting in his arrest for Domestic Violence on or about 2009.  This one arrest incident should have been sufficient cause for extending FBI-Boston’s initial Preliminary Investigation of Tamerlan, according to the FBI’s Domestic Investigations and Operations Guide (DIOG) 2008 Version.  A Prelim Investigation can be extended for 3 months over and over again with cause, which this 2009 arrest absolutely is, up to 1 year with simple FBI-Boston Special Agent in Charge (SAC), Richard DesLauriers, or ASAC approval and signature.

Nadine Ascencao

Nadine Ascencao, 24

“Tamerlan had taken my virginity and said he loved me because I was pure and hadn’t been with any other guys. I was in love and scared he’d leave me if I didn’t do what he said. Looking back I had a lucky escape.”  I loved him but he slapped me and tried to brainwash me to hate US like he did.

During their three-year relationship she watched him change from a cannabis-smoking, party-loving teenager into a violent extremist.

She said: “One minute he’s this funny, normal guy who liked boxing and having fun, the next he is praying four times a day, watching Islamic videos and talking insane nonsense.

“He became extremely religious and tried to brainwash me to follow Islam. Tamerlan said I couldn’t be with him unless I became a Muslim. He wanted me to hate America like he did.

Nadine Ascencao

Nadine Ascencao

Tamerlan even attacked Nadine when he found her heading off to a friend’s pool party wearing cut-off jeans and a crop top.

She said: “He was shouting and screaming at me. He slapped me across the face really hard.”

Nadine called the police and Tamerlan was arrested and spent a night in the cells. Once out on bail he begged Nadine’s forgiveness.

Didn’t the FBI interview her in 2011, after she had been the victim of Tamerlan’s rage and violence, and after Tamerlan left her to convert and marry Katherine Russell?  Doesn’t look like it.

And she was heartbroken when she learned he was secretly seeing another girl. Her rival was Katherine Russell, a student who was to become Tamerlan’s wife after converting to Islam. Crafty Tamerlan was soon playing the two women off against one another.

Nadine said: “He once made me learn a verse of an Islamic prayer and if I got it wrong he’d say, ‘Well Katherine can do it’.”

There was a record of arrest, yet the FBI continues to claim that nothing ‘negative’ was found.  Were they only looking to see if he had blown people up before or if he ever hijacked and flew a plane into a building?

Uh, hello?  Nadine would have been the perfect witness to flip.  An easy and informative flip.  Reason and Cause to extend and escalate FBI-Boston’s investigation of Tamerlan to Full Investigation, which would have permitted surveillance and wiretapping.  FBI receives approximately $8 billion a year and has over 30,000 personnel with about 14k specials agents and 3k intelligence analysts to carry out investigations of just such people, especially when another country with a well-developed intelligence apparatus, Russia (FSB), warns them of a potential threat and problem.  The FBI maintains agents and analysts in Moscow, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tibilsi Georgia, and Ankara Turkey, which happens to be the middle name of Uncle Ruslan Tsarni’e ex-wife, Samantha Ankara Tsarnaev (Fuller), daughter of Graham and Prudence Fuller, whose lives have been consumed by top CIA activities in the region of Central Asia for decades.  Graham Fuller was stationed in Turkey for the CIA and wrote at least 3 books about Turkey.  Fuller also wrote about his daughter’s wedding to Ruslan Tsarni, in his memoir, Three Truths and a Lie: a memoir.

The only people lying and misleading more than the Tsarnaevs and Uncle Tsarni are the FBI and CIA.  In one week, The Sun of London was able to dig up more on Tsarnaev’s past activities, rages, and violence than the FBI and CIA were able to find during 3 months of an FBI conducted Prelim Investigation, or so they want us to believe.  Tamerlan also has numerous vehicular violations including a misdemeanor for illegal license plate, suspended license, reckless driving, wrong way on a one-way street, failure to stop, failure to yield and of course speeding.  Tamerlan was screaming for a full investigation.  Nothing ‘negative’ was found on Tamerlan Tsarnaev’?  You’ve got to be lying or incompetent as an FBI agent to conclude that.

Just heard British MI-6 on CNN.  You can bet British intelligence operatives have been involved in Caucasus machinations over the past 20 years and have now been called upon to throw more gorilla dust at the media, which is what we are seeing with the Syrian and Libyan developments:  gorilla dust,  smoke screens,  Black Ops.  I previously predicted that we would see a media flurry as the CIA releases anything and almost everything to make this solid link to the CIA go away and for the questions to stop.  The CIA operates with a secret budget and virtually no oversight.  They are not comfortable with or tolerant of investigations into their activities.  Such investigations almost never happen, even though former agents and federal judges have attested to their criminal activities including the importation of tons of cocaine during the 70’s and 80’s and beyond.  Oil, guns, heroin, and organized crime best describes Central Asia and the North Caucasus.

Caucasus Mountains

Chechnya is located in the North Caucasus.  After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Ingush people wanted to remain with Russia, while the Chechens wanted independence–the Chechens had revolted against the Soviet Union in the 1940s and been deported.  They had returned to their homeland after 1956.  During the First Chechen War, 1994-96, the Russian army attempted to prevent Chechnya from seceding from Russia, but was unable to completely control the area.  In 1996 Boris Eltsyn declared a cease fire and signed a peace treaty.  The war had been barbaric on both sides.  A Second Chechen War broke out in 1999 when Shamil Basayev began widespread guerrilla activity in neighboring Dagestan and then undertook a series of spectacular terrorist acts.  This time Russian forces were much more successful in restoring order and establishing control in Chechnya.  A pro-Russian regime was installed there.

Mt Elbrus, Greater Caucasus

Mt Elbrus, Greater Caucasus Mountain Range. Highest Mountaiin Peak in all of Europe.

Mt Elbrus peak of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range is more than 800 meters higher than Mont Blanc peak of the Italian and French Alps, which is sometimes mistakenly believed to be the highest mountain peak in Europe.  Mt. Elbrus (west summit) stands at 5,642 metres (18,510 ft) and rises in 2 small republics of the Russian Federation.  These mountains provided Chechens with a natural defense against both the Russian and Mongol Empires to the North and the Ottoman and Persian Empires to the South over the past 600 years, all the way back to the Battle of the Terek River, which took place in the North Caucasus on April 15, 1395, same date as the Boston Marathon Bombing Attack.

The Greater Caucasus Mountains to the North and West, near Sochi, will host part of the 2014 Winter Olympics.  Russia needs to contain and eliminate violence and terrorism in the Caucasus region before, during, and after the 2014 Olympics.  FBI and CIA know that and therefore should have paid closer attention to Russian FSB warnings about Chechens, with violent records of arrest, and also living in Boston and traveling back and forth to Dagestan/Chechnya.  It makes no sense that they apparently did not.

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Allakhverdov family puzzle over ‘Misha’ claims

Perhaps Misha-Mikhail has more to say:

Mikhail Allakhverdov is listed with his brother Sergei as an officer of a Massachusetts nonprofit corporation called the Educational Organization for Improvements in Historical Studies, Inc. A telephone number listed for the company at a Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts address was no longer in service Monday.

Gennady Napadensky and Victoria Poupko, a Massachusetts couple from the former Soviet Union, who are listed as professional associates of Mikhail’s older brother Sergei, told Al-Monitor in a phone interview Monday that as far as they knew, Sergei was an atheist and the family was of Armenian Christian descent. Mikhail, they thought, converted to Islam after his immigration to the United States.

Gennady Napadensky told Al-Monitor he met Sergei about eight years  ago when he was looking for an historian and found him through a Russian bookstore in Brookline, Massachusetts.  They formed a company that produces digital interactive maps.

Victoria Poupko, Napadensky’s spouse and a former Northeastern University math professor who has worked as a human rights activist on behalf of persecuted ethnic minorities from the former Soviet Union, said she believes she met Mikhail Allakhverdov only once several years ago.

An activist on behalf of Chechen refugees, Poupko, of Russian Jewish descent, said she saw Mikhail in a car with a Chechen once, but she did not know who it was.

More than meets the eye with Mikhail ‘Misha’ Allakhverdov in my opinion.  How does Victoria Poupko (above) happen to see Tsarnaev in a car with Misha, and not know who it was if she knew it was him?  How did Victoria Popuko know the person in the car with Misha was Chechen, but she didn’t know who it was?  Seems strange to just happen to be with or near Misha at a time that he is with Tamerlan and not know who he is, if both Tamerlan and Poupko are with Misha enough to cross paths with each other on random days.  One of the two, Tamerlan or Poupko, must be with Misha a lot for that mathematical improbability to happen.  I have yet to hear a story from any of these Chechen/Dagestani people that I believe or makes sense.  Not once.

Anzor and Zubeidat Tsarnaev with Aunt Patimat Suleimanova

Anzor and Zubeidat Tsarnaev with Aunt Patimat Suleimanova

Note:  Chechen is also one of the official languages of Dagestan as well as Chechnya, and is spoken heavily in western Dagestan, ancestral home of Dagestani Avars including Zubeidat Tsarnaev.

Additionally, from Laura Rozen, who first confirmed Tsarni-Fuller marriage connection to CIA, writing for al-Monitor:

Sergei Allakhverdov-Amatuni (as the brother spells his names in some official listings) is also listed as a director of a Massachusetts non-profit, the Transitional Assembly for Peace and Democracy in Chechnya, Inc. Registered in 2003, the group lists as its president Salman Masayev (or Musayev), who has subsequently appeared in media reports as the deputy head of the Caucasus Muslims Organization, based in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Nadezhda Banchik, a California-based human rights activist for persecuted former Soviet minorities and who is a friend of Poupko’s, told Al-Monitor in a phone interview Monday that she does not know the Allekhverdovs, though she is listed with Sergei Allekhberdov-Amatuni as an officer in the Transnational Assembly. (She thought the group’s listed president Musayev might have been a Harvard student of Chechen descent who later returned to the region.)

She noted, in a telephone interview, that the Boston Marathon bombings occurred a few days after the US publication of the Magnitsky list, and suggested that it was strange, if Russia had suspicions about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, that it did not arrest him when he was there for six months in 2012.

These non-profit “benevolent” organizations are used to launder money and move arms for drugs, heroin in this case.  Tsarni has already been implicated in such money laundering operations and fronts for illegal acquisition of Kazakhstan state oil drilling licenses.  Lozen does excellent work in that article.

Mikhail Allakhverdov Rhode Island home

Mikhail Allakhverdov’s Rhode Island residence

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Kazakhstan Nationals Arrested in New Bedford, MA

Two Kazakhstan nationals arrested in New Bedford, MA.  They were actually arrested once, released and then re-arrested 1 or 2 days after final brother was caught.  Landfill and apartment were searched, both still in custody.  “The two men arrested are Dias Kadyrbayev, 19, and Azamat Tazhayakov, 20, according to Kazakh media outlets and a source close to the investigation.  Murat Kadyrbayev was quoted in Tengri News ( and STV Channel describing the two young Kazakhs as simply in Tsarnaev’s social circle.”

Main thing to know right here is that Kazakhstan is loaded with oil, mafia, and corrupt politicians.

New Bedford men arrested in Tsarnaev case own BMW with ‘Terrorista #1’ plate
About a month ago, Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev tweeted two photographs of a group of college-ages males posing next to this black BMW with a vanity front plate reading TERRORISTA #1.
NEW BEDFORD — Two college-age men from Kazakhstan arrested on immigration violations in a city apartment complex last weekend own the BMW sporting a “TERRORISTA #1” vanity plate, according to one of their fathers.

Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, who socialized at the apartment, tweeted photos of the car a month before the April 15 attacks.

The two men arrested are Dias Kadyrbayev, 19, and Azamat Tazhayakov, 20, according to Kazakh media outlets and a source close to the investigation.

The father of one of the men — both of whom are from Kazakhstan — has complained on a Kazakh news website and TV station that the only possible reason his son could have been detained by U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement was because he missed too many UMass Dartmouth classes.

A source close to the investigation, however, said the two students were not even currently registered for classes.

ICE officers arrested Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov Saturday on “administrative immigration violations” while investigating a New Bedford apartment complex that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev frequented.

Murat Kadyrbayev was quoted in Tengri News ( and STV Channel describing the two young Kazakhs as simply in Tsarnaev’s social circle.

“They knew Tsarnaev and hang around together sometimes,” he said, maintaining they “were questioned only as witnesses.”

The elder Kadyrbayev, however, acknowledged that a BMW with a vanity plate “TERRORISTA #1” was owned jointly by his son and the other Kazakh but said it was just a joke from some Spanish friends.

Tsarnaev a month before the marathon bombing tweeted several photos of the BMW next to a black Chevrolet Camaro, with the caption “Place your bets.”

“This joke led to trouble,” Murat Kadyrbayev said. “But (the plate) was just a gag of their Spanish friends, just a gift,” he said.

“I hope that American police will look into the facts and make the right decision,” the father told the media outlets.

“Most of the students who came in contact with Tsarnayev (sic) are being checked now, my son is not the only one. Nobody is an exception.”

Federal agents first took Tazhayakov and Kadyrbayev — in the country on student visas — into custody Friday but released them. Saturday afternoon the agents returned to the 69 Carriage Drive apartment and arrested them. A woman also was taken from the apartment Saturday in a van bearing consular license plates from an undetermined consul.

The two men are being held in the Suffolk County House of Corrections in the South Bay part of Boston, according to a U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement website.

Police believe Tsarnaev was in the Carriage Drive apartment often and possibly lived there for a time.

Both Kadyrbayev and Tazhayakov attended UMass Dartmouth at some point although university officials have declined to confirm if they are still students.

The BMW was towed away, neighbors said, and where it is now remains unclear.

The provocative vanity plate caused a stir following the raid as national and international media outlets ran photos of it.

The plate, which translates to “terrorist” in Spanish, also includes the UMass Dartmouth name and Corsair logo. The BMW also features an expletive-laden sticker on the rear.

A license plate holder on the car is from BM Motor Cars, a used car dealership in Rahway, N.J.

An employee at BM told The Standard-Times Tuesday he did not remember the company selling a car to any Massachusetts residents over the past two years but that the type of BMW the students owned (the “3 series”) is very popular and often resold.

A Department of Homeland Security spokesman has repeatedly declined to provide any specifics on the raid or what the pair was taken into custody over, saying only that two “foreign nationals” were detained over “administrative immigration violations.”

The Standard-Times filed a Freedom of Information Act request Tuesday morning for the men’s identities and the specific charges against them.

Kazakhstan’s embassy in Washington released a statement earlier this week saying neither man has complained about his treatment at the hands of U.S. officials and that the Central Asian nation’s consul is in Boston to assist the detainees.

The statement said only that the pair had “violated the U.S. visa regime.”

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Mahmoud Mansur Nidal identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev contact.

The Boston bomber alleged contacts keep piling up, but they are usually dead which doesn’t allow for much intel gathering.

The account in Novaya Gazeta said one of Tsarnaev’s contacts was Mahmoud Mansur Nidal, who was killed May 19 after a standoff with Russian authorities at an apartment house in Makhachkala. Nidal took several hostages, according to the news agency Interfax, and at one point threw a grenade at the authorities. The hostages were released, but Nidal refused to surrender and was shot dead, Interfax reported.   Agents Pore Over Suspect’s Trip to Russia.

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Ruslan Tsarni Married to CIA family – Confirmed by Graham Fuller

Graham E. Fuller, former top CIA operative, confirms that his daughter was married to Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of Boston Bombers.  Note:  Tsarni has changed his name at least once already, graduating from Duke Law in 1998 as Ruslan Tsarnaev.  One of Graham Fuller’s books, Three Truths and a Lie: a memoir, mentions the day of his daughter’s wedding to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Tsarni).

See Rozen’s full article here: Former CIA officer: ‘Absurd’ to link uncle of Boston suspects, Agency  Rozen currently writes for al-Monitor with past stints at Politico and Yahoo News.


It is “absurd” to believe that Graham Fuller would ever be allowed to retire from CIA. He was Vice-Chair of National Intelligence Council, and as such was responsible for national level midterm and long-term strategic planning for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The Washington Post has reported that there are 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies in 10,000 locations in the United States that are working on counterterrorism, homeland security, and intelligence, and that the intelligence community as a whole includes 854,000 people who hold top-secret clearances.

Those top-level CIA guys never retire, except to cushy academic ‘jobs’ at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, where Fuller ‘teaches’ and the CIA spied on anti-war profs in the 60 and 70s  in an operation code-named “MH Chaos,” and maintains covert operations to this day.  Top FBI, CIA and intelligence agents have buildings, airports and courthouses named after them, out of respect and out of fear.

No accident that Graham’s son-in-law, Ruslan, lived across the border in Ferndale, WA for a spell.

Ruslan Tsarni

Ruslan Z. Tsarni aka Ruslan Z. Tsarnaev

Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller
Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller

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Mikhail Allakhverdov (Misha) Denies He Was Tamerlan’s Teacher, FBI Agrees.

Misha revealed by Christian Caryl of The New York Review of Books to be Mikhail Allakhverdov of Rhode Island.
A thirty-nine-year-old man of Armenian-Ukrainian descent, Allakhverdov is of medium height and has a thin, reddish-blond beard. When I arrived he was wearing a green and white short-sleeve football jersey and pajama pants. Along with his parents, his American girlfriend was there, and we sat together in a tiny living room that abuts the family kitchen.
New York Magazine continues to find little of interest concerning Allakhverdov:

A U.S. official said on Saturday that the FBI has located Tsarnaev’s friend Misha, but found no evidence connecting him with the bombing. Allakhverdov told The New York Review of Books:

“Misha,” the friend said to be key to Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s radicalization, has finally been tracked down, but he doesn’t quite fit the ominous image of the bald, red-bearded 30-year-old convert to Islam who claimed to be an exorcist who could talk to demons.

Seems that this smoke screen worked for a few days, giving Tsarni and Fuller time to move assets in Dagestan, which apparently FSB has just struck:  Russian Security Forces Kill Two Suspected Rebels in Dagestan:

In a statement, the Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee said that security forces stormed the home of two men believed to be members of a criminal gang based outside of the city of Kizilyurt after the men opened fire on the police with automatic weapons, the Interfax news service reported.

The police identified one of the men as Shakhrudin Askhabov, who they said was behind a series of deadly attacks against police cars and local stores last fall who was known as “the bomber.”

Another more likely link for Tamerlan’s extended network is William Plotnikov – Canadian boxer linked to Boston bomber.  Abu Dujan was also killed outside of Kizilyurt, Dagestan by FSB Security Forces shortly after Tamrlan’s last visit.

William Plotnikov

William Plotnikov, left


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