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FBI Pushed Tamerlan Tsarnaev To Be Informer

FBI pushed elder Tsarnaev to be informer, lawyers assert

By Milton J. Valencia

Globe staff   March 28, 2014
Lawyers for accused Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev asserted Friday that his older brother and alleged accomplice had been encouraged by the FBI to be an informant and to report on the Chechen and Muslim community, according to court records.

“We seek this information based on our belief that these contacts were among the precipitating events for Tamerlan’s actions during the week of April 15, 2013, and thus material to the defense case in mitigation,” the lawyers said in their court filing.

“We base this on information from our client’s family and other sources that the FBI made more than one visit to talk with Anzor [his father], Zubeidat [his mother] and Tamerlan, questioned Tamerlan about his Internet searches, and asked him to be an informant, reporting on the Chechen and Muslim community.

“We do not suggest that these contacts are to be blamed and have no evidence to suggest that they were improper, but rather view them as an important part of the story of Tamerlan’s decline. Since Tamerlan is dead, the government is the source of corroboration that these visits did in fact occur and of what was said during them.”

The lawyers suggested that Tamerlan Tsarnaev could have misinterpreted his interactions with the FBI as pressure from the agency, and that they could have “increased his paranoia and distress.”

The defense wants to investigate those factors as it seeks to portray Tamerlan as a dominating family figure who may have pushed the younger Dzhokhar to take part in the April 15 bombings last year. Tamerlan was killed days after the bombings in a confrontation with police in Watertown.

The lawyers’ allegation, based on conversations with family members and other sources, was made in a 23-page court filing Friday in which the lawyers sought a court order forcing prosecutors to turn over more evidence in the case.

Specifically, they want additional evidence about Tamerlan’s radical views, which would be useful in the lawyers’ defense against the death penalty.

Lawyers argued that, now that prosecutors have declared they will seek capital punishment, Dzhokar should be allowed to present evidence of mitigating factors that would tilt a jury against the death penalty.

Those factors include evidence about his age at the time of the bombings, which was 19, his lack of criminal history, and the possible influence of others, specifically a radical older brother, court records said.

“The underlying data concerning the brothers’ activities, state of mind, and respective trajectories is critical,” the defense said. “Evidence that shows Tamerlan to have had a substantially longer and deeper engagement than his younger brother with extremist and violent ideology is mitigating for the light that it sheds on their relative culpability.”

Prosecutors did not immediately respond to the defense request, though defense lawyers conceded that they have a March 14, 2014, letter in which prosecutors said they had “no evidence that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was solicited by the government to be an informant.”

Although the FBI does not comment on court matters, the bureau cited a statement Friday that it made Oct. 18, 2013, which said, “The Tsarnaev brothers were never sources for the FBI, nor did the FBI attempt to recruit them as sources.”

Dzokhar Tsarnaev, now 20, faces a 30-count indictment in his alleged role in the bombings, which killed three people and injured more than 260. He and Tamerlan also allegedly shot and killed an MIT police officer before the confrontation with police in Watertown.

Tsarnaev is being held at the federal prison at Fort Devens in Ayer. He is slated to go to trial in November.

Prosecutors have described him as a young Muslim extremist who wanted to carry out jihad, or holy war, against the United States. They alleged the brothers learned to build the bombs through websites that supported Al Qaeda.

In court requests filed late Friday, the defense lawyers sought a court order to force prosecutors to turn over a list of records, including reports related to the fatal shooting of MIT police Officer Sean Collier, the Watertown confrontation, and any evidence that an MBTA police officer was shot by fellow officers, rather than by Dzokhar Tsarnaev, who the lawyers say was unarmed.

The request also targets records of the brothers’ Internet searches.

One of the court requests asked for any information prosecutors collected under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act including any surveillance of Tamerlan’s return visits to Dagestan and the Chechnya region before the bombings.

A recent US House of Representatives homeland security report indicated FBI officials in Moscow may have collected “electronic communication” between Tamerlan and a jihadist named William Plotnikov.

“Any surveillance, evidence, or interviews showing that Tamerlan’s pursuit of jihad predated Dzhokhar’s would tend to support the theory that Tamerlan was the main instigator of the tragic events that followed,” the defense lawyers argued.

The lawyers are also seeking the immigration records of Tsarnaev’s family members, including his mother, father, and brother.

His father, Anzor, sought the family’s asylum in fleeing torture in Kyrgyzstan close to two decades ago, and the defense lawyers argued that the records would illustrate Tsarnaev’s family history.

They also said that Tamerlan’s immigration records could yield more evidence about his encounters with federal authorities, specifically after his visits to Dagestan that caught the attention of Russian officials.

The lawyers said they plan to argue that the unknowns about Tsarnaev’s “formative environment and relative moral culpability” and the possible “psychological domination” by his brother would support their case against the death penalty.

Globe correspondent Haven Orecchio-Egresitz contributed to this report. Milton J. Valencia can be reached at

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FBI Wanted Tamerlan Tsarnaev as Informant

I’ve been saying this for almost a year.  So now there should be little doubt that FBI knew exactly who blew up Boston before they released his pics to the public.


Lawyers Say FBI Wanted Marathon Suspect as Informant

Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused of planting one of the bombs at last year’s Boston Marathon, said Friday that repeated contacts by the FBI were among “precipitating events” leading up to the bombings.

In court documents filed Friday, defense lawyers asked the judge overseeing the case for an order requiring the government to turn over all records of the FBI’s contacts with Tsarnaev’s older brother, Tamerlan. He was interviewed by FBI agents in response to a concern expressed by the Russian government that he might become radicalized.

“We seek this information based on our belief that these contacts were among the precipitating events for Tamerlan’s actions during the week” of the bombings, the lawyers aid.

They wrote that the Tsarnaev family and “other sources” have said that the FBI made more than one visit to talk to Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his parents, during which agents “questioned Tamerlan about his internet searches, and asked him to be an informant, reporting on the Chechen and Muslim community.”

The court filing quotes prosecutors as saying they have no evidence that the older Tsarnaev was asked to be an informant.

Nonetheless, the defense lawyers say they believe that Tamerlan misinterpreted the visits by the FBI as pressure, increasing his paranoia and distress.

“We do not suggest that these contracts are to be planed and have no evidence to suggest that they were improper,” the lawyers say.

The FBI’s interview took place in 2011.

The court document makes clear that his lawyers will stress the age difference between the younger Tsarnaev and his older brother, who were 19 and 26 at the time of the bombing. The lawyers say they will resist any attempt to persuade the jury “that the brothers were equally culpable, despite the marked differences in their ages, personalities, and levels of prior involvement in violent activity.”

No trial date has yet been set.

—Pete Williams

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Cops are allowed to lie to suspects, so I imagine the FBI/MSP team told Todashev that they knew he did it, because they have DNA evidence that linked Todashev to the scene. Todashev probably had to give a DNA sample when he was arrested in May after that fight at an Orlando shopping mall. He was charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, a second-degree felony. Felony arrests in Florida and about 20 other states require a DNA sample during booking and processing. So, they told Todashev that they matched his DNA. Maybe they did actually get his DNA and matched it. Either way, that’s what they told him.

By the way, last year when I initially read the police report of that Orlando shopping mall fight (it’s online), I sensed that the fight was staged by FBI/MSP. It just seemed strange, because I knew they had to be following and surveilling Todashev, but yet they allowed the fight to continue and never intervened. A regular Orlando or Orange County sheriff had to be dispatched to apprehend and arrest Todashev who was driving off after beating the guy senseless. There is no way FBI/MSP were not there. If they weren’t constantly surveilling him that would be gross incompetence as he was already connected to Tamerlan and who knows what. And actually, the Orlando sheriff happened to be in the area, which made me think the sheriff was likely part of the surveillance detail. I only mention all that because, Susan, you should find that police report and read it. It seems contrived. I will link it if I can find it. Having trouble finding it now. Can’t remember if I saw it on Orlando County’s site or a Florida newspaper’s site. Report and addendum. It was strange because the alleged “victims” spoke no English, so the sheriff “translated”.

So back to the DNA trap. So, the cops tell him they have DNA evidence from his recent DNA sample and the Waltham crime scene and Todashev believes he’s in serious trouble, and he wants to know if he confesses will he get less time, and of course the cops tell him they will tell the prosecutor and judge that he cooperated and so the sentence might be reduced, knowing full well that they will throw the book at him for a triple-homicide. So reluctantly Todashev confesses, but he wants a reduced sentence so he proceeds to tell a story that is less horrific than saying they both went up there, drew a gun, pistol whipped them, beat them up and slit their throats. Once Todashev realized he was getting to the part of the confession that detailed the throat-slitting, he must’ve known that would get him locked up for a long time, so he never got around to mentioning the knife. Perhaps the knife was there. But my guess is that they brought a knife or 2 with them to make it a quieter robbery/murder than several gunshots. There’s another reason the knives and throat-slitting fit so well. There is an old saying in Chechen culture: “A man is not a man, unless he carries a knife”. It’s a traditional saying in Chechnya, going back centuries. And if you have the stomach for it, google Chechen Massacre or Dagestan Beheading Massacre. Knives are the preferred MO in the old country.

So I don’t find it that odd that Todashev would confess to a lesser and different set of facts than the actual crime. Remember, if they did steal a much larger amount of money, then it was a robbery. They stole the much larger amount of cash that was there, which Hiba Eltilib stated she believed to be there. The scattered drugs and money are not that surprising, as this occurred on 9/11/11. Tamerlan liked his symbolisms. Tamerlan needed cash to return to Dagestan/Chechnya, Todashev needed a Benz.

I don’t much doubt that Todashev was involved in the Waltham murders. But why didn’t FBI-Boston and Middlesex DA Gerry Leone pursue Tamerlan with more tenacity in 2011. Leone was a long-time member of Boston’s JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force. There is no way a triple homicide with near decapitation flies under the radar of Boston JTTF, FBI-Boston, Leone, and even the CIA, especially when it happens on 9/11/11, and when a close friend of Mess has a name like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is Muslim and hails from Chechnya. Just ain’t possible. Just wouldn’t happen. Not once. Do you know where the name Tamerlan comes from? Tamerlane, Timur, Sword of Islam . Google it. There is no way Tamerlan didn’t ring a bell for Leone, the FBI, or JTTF, especially when Russia had warned them about him. Tamerlan Tsarnaev. A good-sized boxer from Chechnya, mother from Dagestan. The story that FBI, Leone et al didn’t know Tamerlan after Waltham and after the Marathon and before they released his pics to the public is utter nonsense. So why didn’t they pursue him back in 2011? The answer to that question will shed light on Todashev’s sudden demise.

The CIA did not false flag the Boston Marathon, but they were definitely running around Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Armenia and Azerbaijan recruiting anyone and everyone they could to fight the good fight. Their first recruit was Uncle Ruslan Tsarni, who changed his name from Tsarnaev to Tsarni after attending Duke Law. Tsarni was Fuller’s chief recruitment officer. Tamerlan rebelled and got out of control. Remember Safwan? Look up the co-defendants in the case Safwan “Sammy” Madarati is involved with. Remember Uncle Tsarni disparaging Armenians? Remember the elusive Misha?


Nikolay Suleimanov?

Uncle Muhamad Suleimanov?  (far right), ababy Tamerlan, mother and father.

It’s the same guy, with a little name change, just like Ruslan, Nikolay’s nickname too, that’s what organized criminals, and nobody is more organized and less transparent than the CIA. Chechen Obshina and CIA tighter than Mujahideen and CIA ever could’ve dreamt. Chechen oil is of such a high quality that it burns in the Vatican. Remember Sen. Lindsey Graham stating that he wants to put a democratic noose around Russia? That wasn’t his idea, but he certainly understands and supports it. Why people from South Carolina are always talking about war, rebellion and nooses when they were responsible for the largest slaughter of Americans ever is a topic for another post.

Anyway, it’s not a rope that encircles Russia, it’s the CIA and every Central Asian gangster, jihadist and terrorist who will help them. Sometimes the worst laid plans backfire, or worse. But nobody is really watching the CIA and they answer to nobody, as the FBI proved in Orlando. Sometimes I think it’s our democracy that has a rope around its neck.

A bit long, but this whole situation bothers me. My mother and father would’ve been at the Boston Marathon last year, as my mother volunteers every year since she stopped running it about a decade ago, but fortunately she had a doctor’s appointment that day, which is where she was with my father when I called her that day after watching the at first unexplainable explosion on Boylston, and I used to live and work a few blocks from there and I probably would’ve been there if I still lived in Boston. So, yeah, if the truth is that boneheaded machinations of the CIA, Graham Fuller, Lindsey Graham, McCain and the rest of the war and chickenhawks created the conditions that induced the bombing, yeah, I want accountability and the truth. At the very least, the Tsarnaev family of criminals was allowed into this country because of Uncle Ruslan Tsarni’s CIA connection to Fuller and Ruslan’s marriage to his daughter. Research Graham Fuller. He wasn’t just a random CIA stiff. He was at the very top. Most likely he still is as the very top never truly leaves the CIA.



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