Cops are allowed to lie to suspects, so I imagine the FBI/MSP team told Todashev that they knew he did it, because they have DNA evidence that linked Todashev to the scene. Todashev probably had to give a DNA sample when he was arrested in May after that fight at an Orlando shopping mall. He was charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm, a second-degree felony. Felony arrests in Florida and about 20 other states require a DNA sample during booking and processing. So, they told Todashev that they matched his DNA. Maybe they did actually get his DNA and matched it. Either way, that’s what they told him.

By the way, last year when I initially read the police report of that Orlando shopping mall fight (it’s online), I sensed that the fight was staged by FBI/MSP. It just seemed strange, because I knew they had to be following and surveilling Todashev, but yet they allowed the fight to continue and never intervened. A regular Orlando or Orange County sheriff had to be dispatched to apprehend and arrest Todashev who was driving off after beating the guy senseless. There is no way FBI/MSP were not there. If they weren’t constantly surveilling him that would be gross incompetence as he was already connected to Tamerlan and who knows what. And actually, the Orlando sheriff happened to be in the area, which made me think the sheriff was likely part of the surveillance detail. I only mention all that because, Susan, you should find that police report and read it. It seems contrived. I will link it if I can find it. Having trouble finding it now. Can’t remember if I saw it on Orlando County’s site or a Florida newspaper’s site. Report and addendum. It was strange because the alleged “victims” spoke no English, so the sheriff “translated”.

So back to the DNA trap. So, the cops tell him they have DNA evidence from his recent DNA sample and the Waltham crime scene and Todashev believes he’s in serious trouble, and he wants to know if he confesses will he get less time, and of course the cops tell him they will tell the prosecutor and judge that he cooperated and so the sentence might be reduced, knowing full well that they will throw the book at him for a triple-homicide. So reluctantly Todashev confesses, but he wants a reduced sentence so he proceeds to tell a story that is less horrific than saying they both went up there, drew a gun, pistol whipped them, beat them up and slit their throats. Once Todashev realized he was getting to the part of the confession that detailed the throat-slitting, he must’ve known that would get him locked up for a long time, so he never got around to mentioning the knife. Perhaps the knife was there. But my guess is that they brought a knife or 2 with them to make it a quieter robbery/murder than several gunshots. There’s another reason the knives and throat-slitting fit so well. There is an old saying in Chechen culture: “A man is not a man, unless he carries a knife”. It’s a traditional saying in Chechnya, going back centuries. And if you have the stomach for it, google Chechen Massacre or Dagestan Beheading Massacre. Knives are the preferred MO in the old country.

So I don’t find it that odd that Todashev would confess to a lesser and different set of facts than the actual crime. Remember, if they did steal a much larger amount of money, then it was a robbery. They stole the much larger amount of cash that was there, which Hiba Eltilib stated she believed to be there. The scattered drugs and money are not that surprising, as this occurred on 9/11/11. Tamerlan liked his symbolisms. Tamerlan needed cash to return to Dagestan/Chechnya, Todashev needed a Benz.

I don’t much doubt that Todashev was involved in the Waltham murders. But why didn’t FBI-Boston and Middlesex DA Gerry Leone pursue Tamerlan with more tenacity in 2011. Leone was a long-time member of Boston’s JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force. There is no way a triple homicide with near decapitation flies under the radar of Boston JTTF, FBI-Boston, Leone, and even the CIA, especially when it happens on 9/11/11, and when a close friend of Mess has a name like Tamerlan Tsarnaev, is Muslim and hails from Chechnya. Just ain’t possible. Just wouldn’t happen. Not once. Do you know where the name Tamerlan comes from? Tamerlane, Timur, Sword of Islam . Google it. There is no way Tamerlan didn’t ring a bell for Leone, the FBI, or JTTF, especially when Russia had warned them about him. Tamerlan Tsarnaev. A good-sized boxer from Chechnya, mother from Dagestan. The story that FBI, Leone et al didn’t know Tamerlan after Waltham and after the Marathon and before they released his pics to the public is utter nonsense. So why didn’t they pursue him back in 2011? The answer to that question will shed light on Todashev’s sudden demise.

The CIA did not false flag the Boston Marathon, but they were definitely running around Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnya, Dagestan, Armenia and Azerbaijan recruiting anyone and everyone they could to fight the good fight. Their first recruit was Uncle Ruslan Tsarni, who changed his name from Tsarnaev to Tsarni after attending Duke Law. Tsarni was Fuller’s chief recruitment officer. Tamerlan rebelled and got out of control. Remember Safwan? Look up the co-defendants in the case Safwan “Sammy” Madarati is involved with. Remember Uncle Tsarni disparaging Armenians? Remember the elusive Misha?


Nikolay Suleimanov?

Uncle Muhamad Suleimanov?  (far right), ababy Tamerlan, mother and father.

It’s the same guy, with a little name change, just like Ruslan, Nikolay’s nickname too, that’s what organized criminals, and nobody is more organized and less transparent than the CIA. Chechen Obshina and CIA tighter than Mujahideen and CIA ever could’ve dreamt. Chechen oil is of such a high quality that it burns in the Vatican. Remember Sen. Lindsey Graham stating that he wants to put a democratic noose around Russia? That wasn’t his idea, but he certainly understands and supports it. Why people from South Carolina are always talking about war, rebellion and nooses when they were responsible for the largest slaughter of Americans ever is a topic for another post.

Anyway, it’s not a rope that encircles Russia, it’s the CIA and every Central Asian gangster, jihadist and terrorist who will help them. Sometimes the worst laid plans backfire, or worse. But nobody is really watching the CIA and they answer to nobody, as the FBI proved in Orlando. Sometimes I think it’s our democracy that has a rope around its neck.

A bit long, but this whole situation bothers me. My mother and father would’ve been at the Boston Marathon last year, as my mother volunteers every year since she stopped running it about a decade ago, but fortunately she had a doctor’s appointment that day, which is where she was with my father when I called her that day after watching the at first unexplainable explosion on Boylston, and I used to live and work a few blocks from there and I probably would’ve been there if I still lived in Boston. So, yeah, if the truth is that boneheaded machinations of the CIA, Graham Fuller, Lindsey Graham, McCain and the rest of the war and chickenhawks created the conditions that induced the bombing, yeah, I want accountability and the truth. At the very least, the Tsarnaev family of criminals was allowed into this country because of Uncle Ruslan Tsarni’s CIA connection to Fuller and Ruslan’s marriage to his daughter. Research Graham Fuller. He wasn’t just a random CIA stiff. He was at the very top. Most likely he still is as the very top never truly leaves the CIA.




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4 responses to “Ramblings…

  1. Baruch

    Gerald leone was a referee at lowell golden gloves

    • And Tamerlan was a Golden Gloves champion: 2009 Golden Gloves National Tournament of Champions May 4, 2009. Interesting indeed. He probably ref’d a Tsarnaev match at least once. He definitely knew who Tsarnaev was as a boxer AND a target of a Russian warning and an FBI investigation. Leone was also senior member of JTTF, Joint Terrorism Task Force. Who forgets a name like Tamerlan Tsarnaev? Why are people/reporters, mayors etc afraid to call up Leone and ask him some questions? Alas, he will just deny any knowledge or relevance.

    • Leone was a Golden Gloves boxer too.

      “Leone, who went on to reach the Lowell Golden Gloves finals twice”

      Some other reports/pages of Leone’s boxing history have are now “unavailable” (like the above quote, google result but article gone), but apparently Leone even made it to some GG finals and won a boxing award at Harvard. He must’ve followed local boxing and he def knew who Tsarnaev was.

      And then there’s this:

      LOWELL — The Middlesex District Attorney’s Office has dropped a perjury charge against the daughter of Lowell boxing legend Beau Jaynes after she was accused of lying to a grand jury investigating the beating death of a 29-year-old Lowell man outside Captain John’s bar two years ago.

      Read more: http://www.lowellsun.com/local/ci_10324258#ixzz2xVahC0SZ

      Google Leone and Golden Gloves. Now Leone works with Scott Brown at Nixon Peabody. Brown is or was military JAG. What’s up with Nixon Peabody?

      “MANHATTAN (CN) – The Bayrock Group and Nixon Peabody are among 35 defendants sued for $1 billion, whom 13 plaintiffs, including estates of Holocaust survivors, accuse of “the illegal concealment of Felix Sater’s 1998 $40 million federal racketeering conviction, and subsequent 2009 sentencing.”
      The summons and notice in New York County Supreme Court contains few details. Three of the six pages of the document are taken up with names of the parties, their attorneys, and the charges.
      The Miami Herald reported last year that the CIA helped Sater conceal his conviction for securities fraud while using him to track down Stinger missiles for sale in his native Russia. This was “a decade before he launched the celebrated Fort Lauderdale Trump Tower,” the Herald reported in a Sept. 8, 2012 article.”

      Oh, here’s another former CIA agent now working for Nixon. Is that firm some kind of CIA front firm? http://lawfirmci.blogspot.com/2008/09/ci-pro-interview-with-bill-fiora-of.html

    • “Tsarnaev won the New England Golden Gloves heavyweight title in 2009 in Lowell, Mass., qualifying him for a trip to the national tournament, which that year was in Salt Lake City. Tsarnaev was awarded the Rocky Marciano Trophy, given annually to New England’s heavyweight Golden Gloves champion.”

      Absolutely not believable that Leone did not know exactly who Tamerlan was.

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