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FBI Wanted Tamerlan Tsarnaev as Informant

I’ve been saying this for almost a year.  So now there should be little doubt that FBI knew exactly who blew up Boston before they released his pics to the public.


Lawyers Say FBI Wanted Marathon Suspect as Informant

Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, accused of planting one of the bombs at last year’s Boston Marathon, said Friday that repeated contacts by the FBI were among “precipitating events” leading up to the bombings.

In court documents filed Friday, defense lawyers asked the judge overseeing the case for an order requiring the government to turn over all records of the FBI’s contacts with Tsarnaev’s older brother, Tamerlan. He was interviewed by FBI agents in response to a concern expressed by the Russian government that he might become radicalized.

“We seek this information based on our belief that these contacts were among the precipitating events for Tamerlan’s actions during the week” of the bombings, the lawyers aid.

They wrote that the Tsarnaev family and “other sources” have said that the FBI made more than one visit to talk to Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his parents, during which agents “questioned Tamerlan about his internet searches, and asked him to be an informant, reporting on the Chechen and Muslim community.”

The court filing quotes prosecutors as saying they have no evidence that the older Tsarnaev was asked to be an informant.

Nonetheless, the defense lawyers say they believe that Tamerlan misinterpreted the visits by the FBI as pressure, increasing his paranoia and distress.

“We do not suggest that these contracts are to be planed and have no evidence to suggest that they were improper,” the lawyers say.

The FBI’s interview took place in 2011.

The court document makes clear that his lawyers will stress the age difference between the younger Tsarnaev and his older brother, who were 19 and 26 at the time of the bombing. The lawyers say they will resist any attempt to persuade the jury “that the brothers were equally culpable, despite the marked differences in their ages, personalities, and levels of prior involvement in violent activity.”

No trial date has yet been set.

—Pete Williams

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CIA, Chechnya, Tsarni, Tsarnaev, Boston Bombing, and FBI all tied in a knot.

Pretty rare that only one FBI agent would be interviewing this suspect, especially if they knew he was tied to Tsarnaev and trained Mixed Martial Arts, which they did.  They also suspected him in the Waltham, MA triple-homicide, probably all the way back in 2011.  That is why they shot him.

So, the FBI wants me to believe that this guy overpowered 2 or more agents?

Simply amazing that the FBI has now found all these people to interview, but couldn’t find much of anybody to interview back in 2011 after Russia warned FBI/CIA about Tamerlan.

CIA and FBI whacked this guy.

They probably would’ve whacked the guy up in Manchester, NH too, but it would’ve sounded silly to say a guy who was paralyzed and in a wheelchair attacked FBI agents so they shot him.  They probably told that guy that they would whack his wife, kids, and him if he opened his mouth.

All these Chechens living here, most of the ones tied to Tsarnaev anyway, appear to be refugees from Chechen wars with Russia, wars orgaznized, financed, and directed by CIA.  In effect, they are all CIA operatives, including Uncle Tsarni, especially him, as he was the one married to Iran-Contra’s top CIA agent Graham Fuller’s daughter.  Why do you think mainstream news won’t report that fact?

I think it goes deeper than that, though.  I think the CIA-Chechen operation included, or still includes, drug shipments to finance Chechen weapons.  What happened, though, is that Islamists in Chechnya broke away from mainstream Chechens who the CIA had set up to fight against Russia to de-stabilize the region which is loaded with oil.  At first, the Islamists were allies of the CIA, but the CIA lost control of the radicalized ones, including Tamerlan, so CIA and mainstream traditional Sufi Muslim Chechens were now at odds with Tamerlan and the more devout Salafists Muslims (Sharia law).  It’s complicated, just like it was in Iraq, and anywhere else different sects vie for power.  Now, American oil companies and Russia are firmly entrenched in the oil-producing regions and just want to eradicate the Salafists, which Tamerlan found intolerable.  And the CIA wants to cover their tracks on having anything to do with creating the entire mess in the first place.  And the CIA definitely does not want anyone blackmailing them and threatening to disclose that the CIA was involved in heroin trafficking to amass small fortunes and finance Chechen rebellion on direct flights from Afghanistan and the Golden Crescent to Dulles International and other US terminals.  All Graham Fuller’s master plan.  He’s done it before.

 “The second war in 1999 began with an insurgence of Chechen rebels into Dagestan, with the aim of freeing their Muslim brothers from occupation by infidels. The Islamisation of the conflict opened up a fierce sectarian fight between Sufism, a traditional form of Islam based on local customs, and Salafism, a more radical form that promotes sharia law.

In Chechnya Sufi leaders sided with the Russian state to eradicate Salafism. After the 2003 assassination of his father Akhmad, Ramzan Kadyrov, his son and successor as Chechnya’s president, redoubled these efforts, hunting down Salafists and enforcing Sufism as a state ideology. Chechnya now boasts Europe’s largest mosque, women are covered and polygamy is encouraged. But even as Mr Kadyrov has “pacified” it, violence has spread, including to Dagestan, where the Tsarnaev brothers lived before going to America.

By the late 2000s the Salafis in Dagestan were winning support among young Muslims, many of whom studied in the Middle East; whereas Sufis were tainted by association with a corrupt and dysfunctional state. So the government tried to soften its tactics. Persecution eased, Salafi mosques were allowed to open and a commission for the rehabilitation of fighters was set up. The rise of moderate Salafism has cut the number of young people becoming terrorists. “People felt there was an alternative to the armed struggle,” says Ekaterina Sokirianskaia, who covers the north Caucasus at the International Crisis Group. The numbers killed and injured in Dagestan dropped by 15% in 2012, adds Grigory Shvedov, head of the Caucasian Knot, a human-rights monitoring organisation.

Yet new Salafism posed a threat both to armed radicals and to corrupt officials. Moscow too frets about the emergence of Salafi institutions as they could become an alternative to the Russian state. So, with Vladimir Putin back in the presidency, Russia has reverted to hard power. The soft-approach president of Dagestan has been replaced by a much tougher man. The rehabilitation commission has been shut down. A recent counter-insurgency operation in one mountainous region of Gimry led to the displacement of its entire population. Mr Shvedov says this kind of “mopping up” is part of Russia’s preparation for the 2014 winter Olympics in nearby Sochi.


It’s complicated, but it’s not a perfect crime and the CIA and FBI are now scrambling to cover their tracks.

My guess is that is why Tamerlan didn’t go down for the Waltham triple-homicide, because he had too much info about CIA heroin shipments to US, which his uncle and father were involved in.  Why do you think his father returned to Dagestan because he took a “severe beating” according to their aunt Patimat Suleimanova?

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Graham Fuller, Uncle Ruslan, the CIA and the Boston Bombings

by F. William Engdahl

Are there too many coincidences in the Boston Bombings official narrative to call them coincidences? Behind each one lurks the shadow of Graham Fuller—a top CIA strategist who famously advocated co-opting Islamic extremists to further advance the US agenda in Central Asia—and his cozy ties with the accused brothers’ uncle. William Engdahl delves into the ramifications of the Fuller-Tsarni connection, the most compelling of the Boston smoking guns, and the threatening can of worms it has opened up.

Voltaire Network | Frankfurt (Germany) | 20 May 2013

JPEG - 58.7 kb

One of the many unexplained (at least not officially) anomalies of the persons claimed to have carried out the Boston Marathon bombings is the presence of key CIA figure in the direct family of the accused brothers. Ruslan Tsarnaev, the outspoken uncle of the brothers was married to Samantha A. Fuller until 2004. Samantha’s father is Graham Fuller, the senior CIA person who architected the Afghan Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen war against the Soviets. He is also implicated in creating a global jihad network, presumably acting on behalf of CIA interests.

Ruslan Tsarnaev, who changed his name to Ruslan Tsarni, lives in a posh Washington DC suburb of Bethesda Maryland. He has worked in the past for companies tied to Dick Cheney’s Halliburton as well as a “consultant” in Kazakhstan with the State Department’s USAID which has been identified as a CIA front. [1] Take it all in: The two brothers, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, accused though never proven in a court of law to have been responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings, had an uncle, the same uncle who agreed to bury the remains of the one dead brother. This uncle was married to the daughter of Graham Fuller, one of the most important CIA architects of using Islamic Jihadists/terrorists against the USSR during the Cold War and after, throughout Central Asia, including Chechnya and Kazakhstan. Coincidence?

The Fuller CIA Link

The discovery of the connection between a very, very senior CIA man, Graham Fuller, to the uncle of the accused Boston bombers was more than a bit embarrassing for Fuller. He took what for a professional CIA agent was an extraordinary step of issuing a public denial. In an exclusive interview on what reportedly is a CIA-linked website, “Back Channel—Al-Monitor,” Fuller hurriedly denounced media links of his CIA connection to the bombers’ uncle: “…possible connections between Ruslan and the Agency through me are absurd.” [2] Fuller then went on to admit, “Samantha was married to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Tsarni) for 3-4 years…They also lived in our house in [Maryland] for a year or so…” [3]

Fuller went on to claim Ruslan was “homesick” for Chechnya, and that his English was “shaky,” yet after the Boston bombings, a very English-fluent Ruslan gave a press conference from his posh Maryland home denouncing his nephews.

The central question is who is Graham Fuller? The answer turns out to be that he was perhaps if not THE most instrumental, one of the most instrumental people inside the CIA during the 1980’s who convinced CIA Director Bill Casey and the Reagan Administration to recruit fundamentalist Muslim Salafists or Jihadists from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and elsewhere, train them in techniques of guerilla insurgency and send them against the Soviet-occupied Afghanistan. They were called Mujahideen. [4] One of the more famous of those Mujahideen was a young Saudi from a very wealthy family named Osama bin Laden. In a sense then we might call Graham Fuller the “Godfather of Al Qaeda.”

Fuller was also the key CIA figure in convincing the Reagan Administration to tip the balance in the eight-year-long Iran-Iraq war by using Israel to channel weapons to Iran in what became the Iran-Contra Affair. As well, in 1999, around the time his daughter Samantha and “Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni (aka Tsarnaev) lived at his home near Washington, Fuller, former Deputy Director of the CIA’s National Council on Intelligence, then a senior figure at the Pentagon and CIA-linked neo-conservative RAND corporation, advocated using Muslim forces to further US interests in Central Asia. He stated,

“The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against [the Russians]. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.” [5]

JPEG - 71.3 kb
Russia’s main pipeline route out of the Caspian Sea basin transits through Chechnya and Dagestan. The 1994-1996 Chechen war, instigated by the main rebel movements against Moscow, served to undermine secular state institutions. The adoption of Islamic law in the largely secular Muslim societies of the former Soviet Union served US strategic interests in the region.

This is precisely what happened in Chechnya with hundreds of CIA-trained Jihadists and Al Qaeda fighters sent into Chechnya, Dagestan and other parts of the former Soviet Union, precisely where Uncle Ruslan and his two Tsarnaev nephews came to the USA from. Coincidence?

Is it mere “coincidence” that the uncle of the two young men accused of the Boston bombings was related in marriage to the CIA figure who advocated using the networks which were later named “Al Qaeda” across Central Asia including Chechnya where the Tsarnaev brothers had roots? The more independent researchers examine evidence around the Boston terror bombings, the more the official US Government version of events stinks. Closeup pictures of obviously fake red paint designed to look like blood from a man whose legs were supposedly blown off of flesh to the bone, pictures of private security contractors carrying large backpacks at the direct bombing site after the bombing and chatting with police, reports of eyewitnesses of police over loudspeakers telling marathon runners there was a “terrorism exercise” taking place as a test that day. All these anomalies, combined with the CIA ties of Uncle Ruslan, present an incredible set of coincidences. It is time for an open and serious citizen commission of inquiry be formed to investigate.

In a future article we will look closely at the role of the same Graham Fuller in creation of what is rapidly becoming an Islamic fundamentalist dictatorship in Turkey and across the Islamic world. The Graham Fuller-Ruslan Tsarni connection opens up what looks to be a very ugly can of worms. The two accused of the Boston bombings were never proven guilty. Their mother in Russia vehemently insists they were set up as patsies by the US Government to be blamed. [6]

It may be that carelessness somewhere exposed Graham Fuller and the tip of a very secret and very explosive network of international terror whose ties with Langley and the US Government are inadvertently coming into daylight in what might well be the most important revelation of destructive secret intelligence operations in modern history. Graham Fuller, ’methinks thou doth protest too much,’ when you proclaim absurd ties between the CIA and accused Boston bombers and that is drawing the spotlight of the civilized world to you and your accomplices and activities. Fuller’s earlier role in Turkey with another network of Salafist fundamentalist Islam will be our next view into the murky underworld of intelligence agencies and attempts to manipulate entire parts of the human population.

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Richard DesLauriers: The Special Agent in Charge

Talk is cheap.  DesLauriers background was not in counterterrorism before he became FBI-Boston SAC.

 “The bombing is a different kind of case from the one DesLauriers spent his career investigating: a 25-year veteran of counterintelligence, he made his bones running operations against foreign spies, not tracking down and busting terrorists.

But the toughest part could have been getting FBI field agents to work with the CIA.

Throughout the Cold War, the FBI and CIA famously clashed over intelligence matters, and the 9/11 Commission Report found miscommunication between the agencies had contributed to missing the plot. So when the FBI counterintelligence division was told that it should roll up one of its most successful operations against unsuspecting spies and give them a free ticket home in exchange for some captured CIA agents, not everyone was happy.

Not all DesLauriers’ characteristics are well suited for counterterrorism. “He comes across as a bit bookish,” says the former senior Justice Department official. Obsessed about being read into the details of the cases, DesLauriers “could be criticized for overdoing it,” says Slattery, meaning his friend is a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to being prepared. And where counterintelligence agents can spend years monitoring suspects without arresting them, counterterrorism cases can be rapidly changing.”


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F.B.I. Didn’t Tell Boston Police of Warning on Brother

Ridiculous.  So obvious that FBI intentionally covered for Tamerlan because his uncle was connected to CIA. – May 9, 2013

WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. did not tell the Boston police about the 2011 Russian warning about Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the two brothers accused in the Boston Marathon bombing, the city’s police chief told the first public Congressional hearing on the terrorist attack on Thursday.

Police Commissioner Edward Davis said that though some of his officers worked with the F.B.I. on a joint terrorism task force, they did not know about the Russian tip or the bureau’s subsequent inquiry, which involved an interview with Mr. Tsarnaev and his parents.


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Ruslan Tsarni Apologizes to Armenian Community

Mirror-Spectator Staff

WATERTOWN — On April 30, Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of alleged terror suspects, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, contacted the Mirror-Spectator directly to issue an apology to the Armenian community for his recent statements referencing Armenians in his discussions of the Boston Marathon bombings.

“Armenia has a very strong culture, therefore, I want to stress that his [Misha’s] ethnicity has nothing to do with it,” Tsarni said. “I wish I had never said it.”

Tsarni added, “I felt for you [Armenians] and wish I had never done it.”

He once again apologized for connecting the Armenian community “to this evil event.”


Ruslan Tsarni Apologizes to Amenian Community

Ruslan Tsarni

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Ruslan Tsarni Married to CIA family – Confirmed by Graham Fuller

Graham E. Fuller, former top CIA operative, confirms that his daughter was married to Ruslan Tsarni, uncle of Boston Bombers.  Note:  Tsarni has changed his name at least once already, graduating from Duke Law in 1998 as Ruslan Tsarnaev.  One of Graham Fuller’s books, Three Truths and a Lie: a memoir, mentions the day of his daughter’s wedding to Ruslan Tsarnaev (Tsarni).

See Rozen’s full article here: Former CIA officer: ‘Absurd’ to link uncle of Boston suspects, Agency  Rozen currently writes for al-Monitor with past stints at Politico and Yahoo News.


It is “absurd” to believe that Graham Fuller would ever be allowed to retire from CIA. He was Vice-Chair of National Intelligence Council, and as such was responsible for national level midterm and long-term strategic planning for the U.S. Intelligence Community.

The Washington Post has reported that there are 1,271 government organizations and 1,931 private companies in 10,000 locations in the United States that are working on counterterrorism, homeland security, and intelligence, and that the intelligence community as a whole includes 854,000 people who hold top-secret clearances.

Those top-level CIA guys never retire, except to cushy academic ‘jobs’ at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, where Fuller ‘teaches’ and the CIA spied on anti-war profs in the 60 and 70s  in an operation code-named “MH Chaos,” and maintains covert operations to this day.  Top FBI, CIA and intelligence agents have buildings, airports and courthouses named after them, out of respect and out of fear.

No accident that Graham’s son-in-law, Ruslan, lived across the border in Ferndale, WA for a spell.

Ruslan Tsarni

Ruslan Z. Tsarni aka Ruslan Z. Tsarnaev

Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller
Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller

Graham Fuller


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