Brendan Mess Murders Waltham MA 9/11/11

Brendan Mess Waltham MA triple-homicide, 9/11/11

There are many articles and videos on this.  Tamerlan is alleged to have killed 3 young men, slit their throats with the aid of his brother, allegedly.  But they did it, beyond a reasonable doubt.  $5,000 left at the scene, a Mercedes towed away, and marijuana left at the scene, which was left on the victims bodies in 3 different rooms.  This is where Tamerlan obtained his guns, turning them first on Brendan and his doomed drug associates.  The slaying occurred on 9/11/2011, on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Two of the victims were Jewish, one a Brandeis graduate.

Grisly.  The case was eventually kicked up to the Mass State Police, where it was dispatched by FBI-Boston and CIA.  Tamerlan Tsarnaev was never questioned, despite being Brendan’s best friend, despite being the last to be seen with Brendan, and despite not showing up at his wake or funeral.  This is not some wild conspiracy theory.  These are all facts.  Crimes like this do not miss the radar of FBI, national security, intelligence and the CIA.  Never will happen.  Not once.Brendan Mess Waltham triple homicide

Update:  May 1, 2013

I’m trying to locate all police and investigator comments on this case.  There is something very rotten here.  This case seems to have been buried, intentionally.

Waltham authorities helpless in Sept murder investigation 11/4/11

Are Authorities Still Investigating Waltham Triple Murder A Year Later?  9/12/12 4/20/13

Gym owner Allan said that Tamerlan had once introduced him to an American, Brendan Mess, whom Tamerlan described as his best friend.

Two years ago, Mess and two other men were brutally killed in a Waltham apartment where they were found by police with their throats slit and their bodies covered with marijuana. The murders remain unsolved.

Here’s Gerard ‘Gerry’ Leone, who was Middlesex District Attorney at the time of the Brendan Mess murders, but announced on January 11th, 2013 that he would not seek re-election in November.  Then, on March 19th, he announced that he would step down early and leave office on April 12th to join Nixon Peobody on the 29th of April.  Leone actually stepped down on April 19, 2013 and joined Nixon Peabody LLP, a  well-respected international law firm, where he will become a partner alongside former Senator Scott Brown, beginning April 29th.  Mass Governor Patrick named Michael Pelgro interim Middlesex DA, with an election later this November (Update:  Patrick has replaced Pelgro with Marian Ryan, see below).  I thought it was strange that Leone chose not to finish his term, but I find his past and current associations even stranger.

He is an executive board member of the Anti-Terrorism Advisory Council as well as an executive committee member for the Joint Terrorism Task Force.

He also served as the first Anti-Terrorism Task Force coordinator in Massachusetts following the attacks of September 11, 2001.

As the Department of Justice’s first ever Anti-Terrorism Task Force Coordinator for Massachusetts, Leone initiated nationally recognized and unprecedented cooperation among federal, state, and local authorities to protect the Commonwealth from terrorist threats following September 11th.“Boston

Bomber’s” Former Friends Suspect Him In Triple Murder

Police have said they believe there were two other men in Mess’ apartment — the scene of the crime — sometime before the murder, but those two men have never been identified. Ray said following the murder, he was questioned by detectives who told him Tsarnaev may have been with Mess either the day of or the night before, although the Middlesex County District Attorney’s Office said they could not confirm any relationship between Mess and Tsarnaev. The Waltham police department declined to comment on the murder or on the alleged relationship between Tsarnaev and Mess.

UPDATE:  I’m confused.  Apparently, Marian Ryan is now Middlesex DA, not Michael Pelgro as has been previously reported.  Ok, Pelgro was temporary acting replacement until Patrick picked Ryan.


4 responses to “Brendan Mess Murders Waltham MA 9/11/11

  1. Friend

    You might want to check some of your facts. I’m a friend of Brendan’s and Raf’s and a lot of these facts are incorrect.

    Brendan was not Jewish – he was Portuguese.

    Tamerlan was not the last person seen with Brendan.

    And how did he get guns? These guys didn’t have guns. If Tamerlan had a gun, wouldn’t he have shot the three instead of practically cutting off their heads?

    Brendan and Raf were both extremely fit and strong… how were they overpowered?

    It’s definitely a weird coincidence that Tamerlan knew Brendan. Sure. But I think this murder is pretty obviously the more common drug-related kind. These guys were either selling too much, buying from the wrong people or selling into the wrong area.

    • There are many Portuguese Jews, past and present, Sephardi Jews, Marranos, conversos, some practicing, some not, some full, some half, some less. Perhaps you are right, but many reports state that he was Jewish.

      Who saw Brendan alive last? I know the Somali girl saw him last after his death, but the reports I’ve seen state that Tamerlan was last to see Brendan.

      The reason he doesn’t shoot all three is because that would be damn noisy and it would alert the nearby neighbors. Knife murders are silent, mostly.

      He was able to overpower all 3 because he had them at gunpoint, or his brother did.

      If it was drug-related, the $5,000 would not be left there. No drug-dealer worth his weight is going to leave cash and drugs after going through the trouble of killing someone. Not many anyway.

      Can you tell me why Tamerlan wasn’t questioned? That’s what I’ve heard, but I find that so hard to believe.

      Thanks for your input.

    • Yes, there is another report that only 2 of the victims were Jewish, so I’ve edited and updated my mistake claiming 3 were Jewish. Not exactly sure what their source or evidence for that is, but I now have 3 sources for that claim.

    • Many people say the primary suspect in the Waltham case is still at large. Listen to your instincts. Respect your intuition. Who would you be looking for?

      What driving force compelled these defiant attackers to risk the likely chance that 3 streetwise athletes struggling long enough to save themselves from being violently hacked to death like cornered animals, wouldn’t escape from room to room, grab a knife from the kitchen, swing a mop or chair, break a window, or escape downstairs?

      Who in this crew of killers had the most experience and conviction -– to influence the others this chilling crime wasn’t risky enough to get caught red handed (literally) ? No doubt the butcher on this team had the professional resume.

      His background and cold blooded craft provided the critical skill and much needed confidence this hit team required. Daring belief they could all bypass any indecision and pull these murders off with triple precision.

      What convinced these would be assassins beforehand their vehicle or departure would not be seen or recalled by someone walking their dog -– or that screaming outrage would not be heard or eagle-eyed by nosy neighbors looking up at windows, who might tip off police to block these slayer’s first floor getaway?

      Why did these 3 victims, each punctured and sliced in their bleeding throats, go down separately and quietly enough?

      3 distinct times this wicked psychopath achieved that night what he’s arguably managed to get away with before: quick, eye-opening torture without flinching, pity, or mercy for his choking targets. Surprise -– without ever firing a gun.

      Why the butcher?

      “Look at the means a man employs, consider his motives, observe his pleasures. A man simply can not conceal himself.” ~ Confucius

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