‘Misha’ unmasked: Mysterious friend of Boston bomber is Mikhail Allakhverdov.

No surprise here.  Misha was merely  a not-so-clever decoy, foisted upon the media and public by Uncle Ruslan Tsarni, probably at the direction of Graham Fuller.

Accused by members of the Tsarnaev family of being the mastermind behind the marathon attacks which killed three and injured over 250 people, Misha, whose real name is Mikhail Allakhverdov has come forward in hope of setting the record straight.

Frenzied speculation surrounded his role in April 15th’s attacks, with some asking whether ‘Misha’ was part of a wider terror cell or incredibly, if he was a Russian mole – sent to spy on Tamerlan.

Indeed, his very absence from the investigation fueled the conspiracy theories – but now he has come forward to declare himself innocent and that crucially the FBI do not believe he had any part in the bombings.

Misha lives at home with his elderly parents, who are Armenian-Ukrainian and from Baku, Azerbaijan:  ‘Misha’ Speaks: An Interview with the Alleged Boston Bomber’s ‘Svengali’

A thirty-nine-year-old man of Armenian-Ukrainian descent, Allakhverdov is of medium height and has a thin, reddish-blond beard. When I arrived he was wearing a green and white short-sleeve football jersey and pajama pants. Along with his parents, his American girlfriend was there, and we sat together in a tiny living room that abuts the family kitchen.

Try again, Ruslan.


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