About D6

Deep Six (D6) is the result of inaction by U.S. Government officials in the aftermath of the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombing Attack and its purpose is to evaluate the performance of the FBI and critically review pre-attack and post-attack counterterrorism systems.

Exhaustive and evolving research on 2013 Boston Marathon Attack, with emphasis on FBI, CIA and Russian responsibility and involvement with pre-attack and post-attack activities and systems.  I will offer original analysis and aggregate available information on a regular and periodic basis.

5/25/13 – Note:  Recently I have been posting full copies of articles because strangely some have been disappearing, like a recent Wall Street Journal article containing comments from Reni Manukyan, Todashev’s ex-wife.  In the future, I will be posting full copies of almost everything.  This is not a commercial site and there is no advertising that I am aware of, so copyright infringement should not be of concern.  I will credit authors and newspaper or other source where possible.

Bio:  Classified


One response to “About D6

  1. I am a public radio reporter. Why have you stopped posting?
    Bruce Gellerman

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