CIA, Chechnya, Tsarni, Tsarnaev, Boston Bombing, and FBI all tied in a knot.

Pretty rare that only one FBI agent would be interviewing this suspect, especially if they knew he was tied to Tsarnaev and trained Mixed Martial Arts, which they did.  They also suspected him in the Waltham, MA triple-homicide, probably all the way back in 2011.  That is why they shot him.

So, the FBI wants me to believe that this guy overpowered 2 or more agents?

Simply amazing that the FBI has now found all these people to interview, but couldn’t find much of anybody to interview back in 2011 after Russia warned FBI/CIA about Tamerlan.

CIA and FBI whacked this guy.

They probably would’ve whacked the guy up in Manchester, NH too, but it would’ve sounded silly to say a guy who was paralyzed and in a wheelchair attacked FBI agents so they shot him.  They probably told that guy that they would whack his wife, kids, and him if he opened his mouth.

All these Chechens living here, most of the ones tied to Tsarnaev anyway, appear to be refugees from Chechen wars with Russia, wars orgaznized, financed, and directed by CIA.  In effect, they are all CIA operatives, including Uncle Tsarni, especially him, as he was the one married to Iran-Contra’s top CIA agent Graham Fuller’s daughter.  Why do you think mainstream news won’t report that fact?

I think it goes deeper than that, though.  I think the CIA-Chechen operation included, or still includes, drug shipments to finance Chechen weapons.  What happened, though, is that Islamists in Chechnya broke away from mainstream Chechens who the CIA had set up to fight against Russia to de-stabilize the region which is loaded with oil.  At first, the Islamists were allies of the CIA, but the CIA lost control of the radicalized ones, including Tamerlan, so CIA and mainstream traditional Sufi Muslim Chechens were now at odds with Tamerlan and the more devout Salafists Muslims (Sharia law).  It’s complicated, just like it was in Iraq, and anywhere else different sects vie for power.  Now, American oil companies and Russia are firmly entrenched in the oil-producing regions and just want to eradicate the Salafists, which Tamerlan found intolerable.  And the CIA wants to cover their tracks on having anything to do with creating the entire mess in the first place.  And the CIA definitely does not want anyone blackmailing them and threatening to disclose that the CIA was involved in heroin trafficking to amass small fortunes and finance Chechen rebellion on direct flights from Afghanistan and the Golden Crescent to Dulles International and other US terminals.  All Graham Fuller’s master plan.  He’s done it before.

 “The second war in 1999 began with an insurgence of Chechen rebels into Dagestan, with the aim of freeing their Muslim brothers from occupation by infidels. The Islamisation of the conflict opened up a fierce sectarian fight between Sufism, a traditional form of Islam based on local customs, and Salafism, a more radical form that promotes sharia law.

In Chechnya Sufi leaders sided with the Russian state to eradicate Salafism. After the 2003 assassination of his father Akhmad, Ramzan Kadyrov, his son and successor as Chechnya’s president, redoubled these efforts, hunting down Salafists and enforcing Sufism as a state ideology. Chechnya now boasts Europe’s largest mosque, women are covered and polygamy is encouraged. But even as Mr Kadyrov has “pacified” it, violence has spread, including to Dagestan, where the Tsarnaev brothers lived before going to America.

By the late 2000s the Salafis in Dagestan were winning support among young Muslims, many of whom studied in the Middle East; whereas Sufis were tainted by association with a corrupt and dysfunctional state. So the government tried to soften its tactics. Persecution eased, Salafi mosques were allowed to open and a commission for the rehabilitation of fighters was set up. The rise of moderate Salafism has cut the number of young people becoming terrorists. “People felt there was an alternative to the armed struggle,” says Ekaterina Sokirianskaia, who covers the north Caucasus at the International Crisis Group. The numbers killed and injured in Dagestan dropped by 15% in 2012, adds Grigory Shvedov, head of the Caucasian Knot, a human-rights monitoring organisation.

Yet new Salafism posed a threat both to armed radicals and to corrupt officials. Moscow too frets about the emergence of Salafi institutions as they could become an alternative to the Russian state. So, with Vladimir Putin back in the presidency, Russia has reverted to hard power. The soft-approach president of Dagestan has been replaced by a much tougher man. The rehabilitation commission has been shut down. A recent counter-insurgency operation in one mountainous region of Gimry led to the displacement of its entire population. Mr Shvedov says this kind of “mopping up” is part of Russia’s preparation for the 2014 winter Olympics in nearby Sochi.

It’s complicated, but it’s not a perfect crime and the CIA and FBI are now scrambling to cover their tracks.

My guess is that is why Tamerlan didn’t go down for the Waltham triple-homicide, because he had too much info about CIA heroin shipments to US, which his uncle and father were involved in.  Why do you think his father returned to Dagestan because he took a “severe beating” according to their aunt Patimat Suleimanova?


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